Regain Control Over Your Life

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Let us talk about you and regaining even more control over your life. When you feel you have control, you have a sense of power, direction and clarity of purpose. Unfortunately, you do not have as much control over people and circumstances as you may like, but then again, you do, ultimately, have far more control and influence than you may have thought.

Following is a trend I’ve seen with people: If they feel they do not have control over circumstances, they allow themselves to “lose control” in areas of their lives they really DO have Centurian services LLC control over!

You come home and comfort eat, or visit the mall and do some “retail therapy.” Before you know it, you have consumed far more food than you intended, or spent far more money than you supposed to.

Okay, maybe you don’t do this, but do you know anybody who does? When you think about it, it is interesting (is that the correct word?) To allow yourself to get even further out of control, just as it would be a fantastic idea to flex your control muscle.

Let’s take a look at regaining that wonderful feeling of power, control and self-direction. First, make a list of all of the things you’ve got control over. Yes, you are going to be starting on your own, but expand that list until you’ve got 20-plus ideas. You’ll begin feeling better already just to remind yourself just how much control you have over your thoughts, feelings, and actions!

Next, make a list of things you can influence. Of course, you can not control people, but you can influence lots of them. If you couldn’t, there would not be any promotion degrees, and I wouldn’t be giving seminars on persuasion and negotiation!

By the way, once you’re listing things you can influence, don’t hold back. You have a lot more influence than you may think. For example, you can’t control traffic, but you can control what time you wake up and leave the house.

Wish to recover a sense of control over the next 24 hours?

Try this: the moment you’re finished reading this, write ONE action, just One action, you can take now that can help you see this as a successful day. Tie this activity to something that you truly value. After that, do this one thing.

If you are feeling you’ve got more time to do something else, go ahead and write down another item. Just make certain to make your actions clear and manageable. If one action is good, 20 aren’t better! Tonight, before leaving work, or if you’ve already left work for the day, write down three to five (no more than five!) Actions you can take tomorrow to help that day be successful.

Now, prioritize this short list. And by the way, you can’t do all actions simultaneously, so make certain to have a clear #1, and so on.

Many studies prove that if you create a list at the end of the day, a few cool benefits occur:

Your subconscious will come up with some clear ideas about how best to handle that short list

You’ll have more energy and focus, and therefore, more success, the next day

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