Grab Your Shyness By The Horns!

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If you’re shy, you can learn to get control over your shyness. An important step in learning to overcome shyness is to watch what kinds of messages you are giving yourself as your self confidence begins to plummet along with your self-consciousness starts to grow.

The reason it’s important to note your inner thoughts when you are feeling shy is because you need to know and understand the negative messages that go through your mind. When you understand what messages you’re sending to your self, you can really change them and learn how to get control over your shyness. You can learn to change your mood from one which is very negative and fearful to one that is positive and relaxed. The messages that you send to Wildlife removal near me yourself have a big effect on your self image and your internal senses of confidence.

The next time you are in a situation where you start to feel shy and inadequate, stop and ask yourself what you messages you are saying to yourself. I’m not as cool as the other children.” Or, “I am not as smart as the other people in this office.” Or, “I’m not as good looking as the other women at this party.”

Deep inside, you’re sending yourself some kind of very negative message about yourself, and then you are believing it and acting upon it. To get control over your shyness you will need to bring these negative messages into the surface and analyze them in the light of day.

When you identify negative messages you have been telling yourself, you need to begin examining them to find out what real evidence you have that they are true. Whether the messages are authentic or not, you also should ask yourself, “So what?”

For example, imagine that you’re saying to yourself, “I’m not as cool as the other children; I shouldn’t be here.” It’s only a judgment. Who decides what’s cool? Even if I don’t look as cool as some of the others, does that mean I should leave? Does that mean I should be miserable? Does that mean I don’t have a right to speak to other men and women? Can I just accept myself and look for men and women who will accept me also?”

The reason it’s important to notice your inner messages is that all people have beliefs and assumptions that run our lives. In a lot of cases we are not even aware of the beliefs we have, but in some instances they have very negative effects on our lives. If you’re presently residing in shyness and isolation due to some beliefs you may actually challenge and change, this is good news.

It means that you once you uncover the underlying beliefs which make your shyness a lot more devastating than it has to be, you can begin to change. You can start challenging your negative beliefs that cause you to maintain your shy behavior and you can begin replacing them with positive beliefs that will allow you to be a lot more sociable and outgoing. You can get control over your shyness and finally start to have the social life you really want.

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